Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ebooks, Netflix, and Library Building Projects (Part 28, Towson Branch Library)

Patrons, staff give high marks for Towson Library renovation. (Towson Times, 5/11/2011)

Excerpt:   People keep telling Towson Library branch manager Jennifer Haire that they are glad the recently completed $220,000 renovation project has made the busy library bigger.

She gently has to correct them.

"It just looks bigger because of the new lower shelving," she said. "It gives the library a much more expansive feel


More than one of the Friends of the Towson Library members have commented on how new, low-hanging, florescent light fixtures have made browsing easier and have given the space a "bright, very inviting look."

The centerpiece -- or more accurately, centerpieces -- of the project are the two 100-square-foot, glass-enclosed rooms that have been created for group study, tutoring or small business conferences.

Located near the magazine area on the main floor of the library, each has a table and six chairs and offers a degree of privacy that's missing from the unenclosed group study area on the mezzanine level

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