Friday, February 3, 2023

GET ME REWRITE: Arizona GOP fights crime and inflation by criminalizing drag shows

Top headline:  NBC, 10/16/2022
Headline:  Arizona Mirror, 2/2/2023

From the Mirror:
I will do everything I can as a senator in this chamber to protect Arizona children from perversion (and) grooming,” said Sen. Anthony Kern, the Glendale Republican who is sponsoring the bill. “I do not believe all drag performers are pedophiles and I do not believe all drag performers are targeting children, but I do think that there…are some bad apples in each group.” 
Drag shows have emerged as the newest front in the GOP culture war, after a family-friendly drag brunch in Texas last year was the subject of protests from white nationalist-aligned far-right activists. Kern said his bill was inspired, in part, by that incident.

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