Friday, January 25, 2019

Trump fanboy Glenn Grothman pimps for Mexico border wall

Headline from Wisconsin Public Radio
"This is the most important issue we're dealing with because we’re dealing with the future of America," he said of border security. "This is not how much you're going to spend over the next year, this is whether we have control of our borders for the next 20 years."  
Grothman, who represents Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District which includes Wautoma, Fond du Lac and Kohler, returned from the United States-Mexico border earlier this week.= 
He recently spoke with Wisconsin Public Radio’s "Central Time" host Rob Ferrett. 
The interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.   [EMPHASIS ADDED]
Rob Ferrett: You're just back in the nation's capital from your visits to Arizona and the U.S.-Mexico border. Can you tell us what you saw there, what you heard there? 
Glenn Grothman: The people we talked to in the Border Patrol at least, definitely feel they need a wall.  [empahsis added]

But few others he talked to, I suspect. 

For nearly a year, President Trump has pointed with pride to a renovation project replacing two miles of border fencing in Calexico. He hailed it as “the start of our Southern Border WALL!” — to the great consternation of many of the town’s residents, who are wary of becoming the public face of a hard-line immigration policy that most here do not agree with. The attention the president’s tweet brought was surreal, in part because the construction replaced an unsightly stretch of steel fencing that was already there.
Despite Trump’s attempt to paint the Texas-Mexico border as a war zone, border counties are safer than the president’s own backyard. And local lawmen don’t believe a wall will do any good.
“The term ‘the wall’ gets in the way a lot. It has become this semantic game of what is a wall,” said Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier, a Republican. “Let’s talk about border security, which part of it will be physical barriers, part of that will be technology and part of that will be human resources,” he said.
"In certain locations, a wall or a fence or some deterrent makes sense but certainly not one across the great swath of the border in places where, ecologically, the damage would be much greater than a security benefit," he said. "So it's really a political football, I think. And just saying we're going to build this great wall across the whole border makes no sense at all.

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