Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Get me rewrite: Campaign committee to re-elect Brad Schimel issues rape kit testing press release 2 months before election

Taking a victory lap after 4 years of footdragging.

Reported in AG Brad Schimel: Wisconsin's sexual assault kit testing complete.  (Madison.com, 9/11/2018)

7/20/2018 update, "Brad Schimel's shills can't blunt criticism of increasing delays in evidence testing", starts here.

Reported in Attorney General Brad Schimel hires crime lab consultant as criticism over testing delays mounts.  (Madison.com, 7/20/2018)
Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel has quietly hired a consultant to identify ways to speed up evidence testing at Wisconsin’s crime labs, as criticism mounts over delays. 

Original 7/16/2018 post, starts here.

List of campaign contributions found at Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

In new ads, two Wisconsin sheriffs defend AG Schimel's handling of sex assault evidence kits.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/15/2018)
Brown County Sheriff John Gossage and Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer appear in a five-figure digital ad buy by the Republican Attorneys General Association. In it, they praise Schimel, who has been accused by opponent Josh Kaul and other Democrats of failing to prioritize the testing of sexual assault evidence kits, both as a local prosecutor and attorney general. 
"Brad Schimel took action on the backlog of the rape kits and got results," Cramer says in the ad.

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Brad Schimel vows to complete rape kit testing by end of year.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/30/2018)
Attorney General Brad Schimel said Tuesday that all untested evidence from sexual assaults is on its way to labs for testing, and again promised that all evidence related to the unsolved assaults will be analyzed by the end of 2018. 
Schimel made the announcement at a time when he is seeking a second term overseeing the Department of Justice and is being accused by his Democratic challenger of moving too slowly to test evidence collected by law enforcement and medical professionals after thousands of sexual assaults.  [emphasis added]

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