Friday, September 14, 2018

UPDATE. Brad Schimel takes a page out of the Donald Trump playbook

Reported in Bice: Brad Schimel requiring all Wisconsin DOJ employees to sign nondisclosure agreements.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/13/2018)
Payback time.  Former Corrections Secretary Ed Wall is sharply critical of Schimel and Gov. Scott Walker for their handling of problems at Lincoln Hills School for Boys, a juvenile prison north of Wausau that has been under criminal investigation for three years. Schimel fired Wall from the Justice Department in 2016 after he told a Walker aide he should feel free to destroy a document. Wall writes in his book that that incident was misconstrued. 

Josh Kaul for Attorney General

1/8/2018 update, "On pre-publication book tour, fired WI Corrections Secretary Ed Wall out for revenge, lambastes former boss", starts here.

See Schimel statement below.

Former corrections chief: Wisconsin's AG Brad Schimel 'completely botched' probe of teen prison.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/4/2018)

8/14/2016 update, "'The best shall serve the state:' The Ed Wall bellyflop", starts here.

Reported at Ex-prison head recommended 'scenary change'.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/12/2016)
The Journal Sentinel reported this May that the Department of Corrections had not checked Peterson’s work history when it hired her as education director in 2011. If it had, it would have found she resigned as an associate dean at Northcentral Technical College two weeks after she was demoted and had her pay cut by more than $14,000 “due to deficiencies in leadership communication.” 

Original 4/16/2016 post starts here.

As quoted in Former corrections secretary fired from new state job.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/15/2016)

"The best shall serve the state".

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