Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Whether it's a state-run or privatized facility, Mississippi prisons are dangerous and deadly

According to evidence and testimony at a federal civil rights trial, far worse things were happening at the prison than inmates strolling around during a lockdown: A mentally ill man on suicide watch hanged himself, gang members were allowed to beat other prisoners, and those whose cries for medical attention were ignored resorted to setting fires in their cells. 
So many shackled men have recounted instances of extraordinary violence and neglect in the prison that the judge has complained of exhaustion.

August has been a deadly month inside the Mississippi prison system, with seven inmates dying in two weeks. On Tuesday, officials announced three more prisoner deaths, bringing the number to 10 so far this month. 
According to a statement released by Corrections Commissioner Pelicia Hall, the Mississippi Department of Corrections believes most of the deaths are from natural causes, "based on information readily available at this time."

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