Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scott Walker Likely to Support Tom Tiffany's New Mining Bill

Gogebic Taconite LLC:  Looking to get their money's worth

Wisconsin senator backs off on sand mine changes, (Green Bay Press-Gazette, 2/26/2014)

The new bill's provisions.    Under the new bill......
  1. existing sand mines wouldn’t be subject to new zoning ordinances that are more restrictive than what they currently operate under. The provision is designed to codify in state law court findings that local governments can’t zone a business out of existence, Tiffany said. 
  2. The bill also would protect sand mines from any other new local ordinance or license requirement if they’re operating within the year preceding the ordinance or requirement is adopted. 
  3. The bill doesn’t include bans on local environmental standards, blasting ordinances and road fee collections laid out in the first bill.

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