Friday, April 1, 2016

Al Ott retires after serving 30 years in Wisconsin Assembly; No word yet from that gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon

As quoted in Rep. Al Ott to retire from state Legislature. (Appleton Post-Crescent, 3/31/2016)

Ott is currently the longest-serving member in the Assembly, first elected in November 1986.

I bring up that first-term, gasket-blowin' Bob Gannon (R-Slinger) because he recently proposed a constitutional amendment to limit service to the Wisconsin State Legislature -- Assembly, Senate, or a combination of the two -- to 12 years.  If these term limits had already been in place 30 years ago, Al Ott would have been sent packing in 1998,

As quoted in the Badger Herald 

To Al Ott, let me offer you my congratulations for your 30 years of dutiful service to your constituents and to the state of Wisconsin.

To Bob Gannon, I find it to be another example of political hypocrisy that, on the one hand, Republicans offer term limit proposals such as yours, but on the other hand proclaim "LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE!" when it comes to the selection of a U.S. Supreme Court justice in a Presidential election year.  

The people of the 3rd Assembly District decided 15 times to have Al Ott represent them in the state legislature.  

So, Bob, I'd be interested to hear how you determine when the rule applies and when it doesn't.

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