Friday, July 22, 2016

Corynne Peterson Schumann (1925-2016) Warren High School Class of 1942

1942 Dragon yearbook

Corynne's high-school activities:
French Club (4); Latin Club (2); Science Club (4); Dramatic Club (3, 4); Girls' Club (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3); Girls' A. A. (2, 3); Carnival (2, 3, 4); Traffic Squad (4).

I guess we'll never know if Corynne became a telephone operator, since her brief obituary provides no employment information, and she's not listed as employed in the 2 city directories I use for this series.

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Peterson Leroy G (Autumn I) carp 38 Linda la d ho
  • Schumann Robt L (Corynne A) teleg mtcewmn PRR (Pennsylvania Railroad) h23 Linda la
1983 Warren City Directory

'Corynne' has never appears on the Social Security Administration's list of top 1000 baby names.  And 'Leroy' has already been graphed here.  So let's take a look at 'Autumn'.

'Autumn' was an uncommon name even when Corynne and her two daughters were born, but she has certainly come into her own of late, placing in the top 100 for nearly two decades.

Other class of '42 members:
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Robert Weidert.  (8/25/2015)
Margaret Siefert Lane.  (8/12/2015)
Richard Hause.  (4/6/2015)
Elizabeth Hottel Streich.  (8/16/2014)
Mary Hoskins.  (10/12/2013)

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