Friday, February 5, 2016

Rubio can't maintain momentum in latest national Presidential primary poll

The behinders in the 2/2-4 Quinnipiac University poll:
  • 3% - Jeb Bush, Chris, Christie, John Kasich
  • 2% - Carly Fiorina
Other stuff:
  • Gender split (men/women)
    • Trump (39%/23%)
    • Cruz (19%/26%)
  • Clinton wins match-up with Trump 46% to 41%
    • Independents (48% to 34%)
    • Women (52% to 36%)
    • College degree (51% to 37%)
  • Clinton ties Cruz 45% each
  • Rubio gets the best of Clinton 48% to 41%  (more so than with Trump and Cruz, it's a 'guy' thing)
  • Sanders, on the other hand, beats all 3 
    • Trump, 49% to 39%
    • Cruz, 46% to 42%
    • Rubio, 43% to 42%

What the top 3 Republican candidates are saying.

Trump talks about the weather.

Cruz brands himself as the "consistent conservative".

Rubio in so many words:  The only thing they have to fear is me. 

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