Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dear United Council members, Do you really think this group of mostly Republican donors wants to meet with you?


Student protesters continually denied opportunity to formally address UW Board of Regents.  (Capital Times, 2/15/2016)
Protesters agitating for a better climate on University of Wisconsin campuses for students of color have repeatedly asked to address the Board of Regents, but say they haven’t received a straight answer on why they have not been put on the agenda.

It gets worse on June 1st.


This is what happens when too many Democrats don't vote in off-year (i.e., non-Presidential) elections.

Call it The Case of the Quadrennial Democrats.

2008-2010 drop in Democratic voter participation:  40.1%
2012-2014 drop in Democratic voter participation:  31.2%

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