Friday, September 20, 2013

Against Much Evidence to the Contrary, Sen Neil Kedzie (R-Elklhorn) Spouts the Company Line

Kedzie:  Don't change redistricting.  (Beloit Daily News, 9/19/2013)

Excerpt:  Neil Kedzie, cock-eyed.

Some examples of how legislative districts changed after the 2010 census.

The former 37th  (Based on the 2000 census)
More than half of Jefferson County,
3 townships in Dane County

The new 37th (based on the 2010 census)
which left Andy Jorgenson (D-Fort Atkinson) out in the cold.
57 miles from east to west.

The Republicans gained this seat, John Jagler beating his Democratic opponent Mary Arnold handily.  However, Andy Jorgenson challenged the incumbent Evan Wynn in the 43rd Assembly District and won.

Here's a view of the new 37th district from a statewide perspective.

Speaking of spouts.  That's quite a spigot!

Leah Vukmir has a habit of getting herself in the news for the wrong reasons.

Did Leah get her wish?

Let's use the 15th Assembly District, part of her 5th Senate District, as the prime example.

Hello, Waukesha County!  (Lots more GOP.)  Goodbye, City of Milwaukee.
And, as a result, Tony Staskunas (D-West Allis) decides to retire after serving 16 years in the State Assembly.

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