Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Vintage Name Rockets Its Way into the 21st Century

Isabella fell off the chart of top 1000 popular baby names for girls in 1949. 

It's best year was 1880 (at #215), the first year for which the Social Security Administration keeps records.

Why the quickly ascending popularity?

Yahoo Answers sez, Isabella is Izzy's name on Grey's Anatomy & it is also the main character, Bella's, name in Twilight. But the name itself, is a classic - both vintage & modern.  (I confess to having some considerable holes in my knowledge of current and very recent popular culture.  In other words, I wasn't able to make these two connections on my own.)

Then there's this Isabella, daughter of Ingrid Bergman.

Not to mention Queen Isabella I of Spain.

A vintage name indeed.

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