Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bust Your Collection Development Budget with this 6-Volume Set

Link to September 22 New York Times article, "Gastronomes Await ‘Modernist Cuisine’".

Excerpt: The wait for the 30-hour cheeseburger just got a little longer. The dish, which takes more than a day to prepare, calls for a short-rib patty to be slow-cooked in a vacuum pack, then dunked in liquid nitrogen before it is deep fried. It is among more than a thousand recipes in “Modernist Cuisine,” a cookbook whose publishing delay, announced on Sept. 15, set off a collective sigh among gastronomes.
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Proofreading and packaging concerns pushed back the release of Nathan Myhrvold’s six-volume, 2,400-page, $625 book from December to March. But that merely sweetened the anticipation among chefs and the type of home cooks unafraid to make almond cream with a homogenizer

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Gerard Saylor said...

$625 isn't so bad for a six-volume work.