Monday, September 20, 2010

Library Receives Low Priority on Janesville "Budget Scorecard"

I hope city officials understand that this type of online survey is decidedly unscientific.

Link to September 19 Janesville Gazette article, "Residents show more support for traditional services: Scorecard".

Excerpt: Janesville residents who filled out a city “budget scorecard” sent a clear message: A majority prefer a lower level of service in such areas as parks and library services to reduce taxes or hold them steady.

Conversely, a majority of respondents said the city should raise taxes and/or fees to maintain or even increase services for the traditional city services of police, fire, infrastructure maintenance and snow plowing.

A total of 766 residents took the online survey.

The city created the scorecard to give staff and city council members feedback as they compile the 2011 budget. The budget is scheduled to be presented to the council Oct. 11.

City Manager Eric Levitt recently said the council must close an estimated $1 million to $2 million budget gap. Factors producing the deficit include the rising cost of salaries and benefits for employees and a loss in revenue, such as $1 million drop in investment earnings

It puzzles me that the Hedberg Public Library isn't considered a traditional city service, at least by the writer of this article.  From the excerpt below, it's clear that the library has a long tradition of service to the Janesville community.

Service that continues to respond to critical needs.

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