Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Teaser: Blockbuster's Demise? Blame Libraries.

Offered tongue-in-cheek.

Link to September 23 AP article at, "Debt, changing media habits topple Blockbuster".  In other words, libraries had nothing to do with it.

As if we need a reminder that there are still some AV format naysayers out there, sonflwr68 offered this response to the Jersey Journal's 8/26/2010 daily poll:   Should municipalities drastically cut library funding in bad economic times?

There has to be controls and measures to ensure library funding is spent wisely. Just because a library has funding doesn't mean they spend it in a way that has a positive impact on society. For example, the Hoboken library offers video games and DVDs. I don't think this is something they should spend money on. This is not to say they don't have other good programs. I think the waste needs to be measured and although with anything improvement is always possible, I think the lack of accountability built into our library governance allows for more than acceptable waste. 

Which begs the question:   What is 'acceptable waste'?

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