Friday, January 24, 2014

The Office of the Governor Prefers to Point a Finger Rather Than to Take Full Responsibility

Here is the list of "some of the people hired since I took office" that Scott Walker acknowledged in his 2014 State of the State address.
  • Joann Stephens 
  • Heyward Gualandi 
  • Ben Lang 
  • Dominic Petri
  • Lucas Klemann 
  • Bob Stoffel 
  • Patti Sharer 
  • Scott Grinder 
  • Rick Banach 
  • Angela Hayward 
  • David Sohl 

Unanswered question:  Why was it so important to add Chris Barber at the last minute?

Might it have anything to do with the generosity of the Ariens Company to Republican candidates for state office?  (Chris Barber is -- still is as far as I know -- employed as a welder by Ariens.)

Previous incidents of a preference for the hammock. 
We've seen this happen before -- an administration too lazy to be bothered with a vetting process.  (1/23/2014)
Cheerleader Regina Millner Defends Scott Walker in Regents Appointment Flap.  (6/14/2013)
WEDC Public Information Officer Resigns After 1 Month on the Job.  (5/9/2013)
It's called vetting.  (6/24/2011)

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