Friday, June 14, 2013

Cheerleader Regina Millner ("She's a Big Republican") Defends Scott Walker in Regents Appointment Flap

{Link to the "She's a big Republican" description.)

WI Gov didn't ask about student board nominee, and he didn't tell. (Wisconsin  Reporter, 6/13/2013)

Pom-poms at the ready.  Millner said she has a great deal of respect for the way the governor has approached his appointments to the Board of Regents.

Once again, the Walker administration demonstrates its inability to conduct a competent vetting process.

If signing a Walker recall petition is enough to tank a nomination -- and it certainly seems to be the top reason for elimination as far as Wisconsin Republicans are concerned -- then why wasn't this item at the top of the list?

Bottom line:  Walker has.....

After all, he's Mr. 115 East Capital.

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Anonymous said...

Millner, who met with Inglett on Wednesday, said the issue isn’t whether the student signed the petition.


The idea is that the appointment process is no different than a job interview, and Millner said being forthright is an important measure of integrity on a critical state board.

How many job interviews have a political purity test?