Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Bright Future for the Troy Michigan Public Library

Newly refunded Troy library sees bright future. (Oakland Press, 8/3/2011)

Excerpt: A planned public closure of April 30 was put off when the Troy City Council vowed to find other ways to keep the library open.

Despite four requests to operate an independent library that were turned down by voters last November, the Troy City Council decided to let voters decide on a five-year dedicated millage on Tuesday. This time, the voters approved the millage request by a margin of 12,246 to 8,799 votes.

“It’s been a tough year,” Kwik said. “With the layoffs last year, we were down from 120 employees to 70, and now we’re down to 55 as people went off to find new jobs.”

Of the 45 library employees, only four are full-time as compared to 15 before the July 2010 layoffs.

With a new millage that’s dedicated to library operations only, Kwik and the staff at the Troy Public Library are planning how to get things back up to speed.

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