Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Manhood Crisis Erupts in L.A.

Link to April 7 Los Angeles Times article, "L. A. mayor calls for temporary shutdowns of some agencies".

Excerpt:    The political feud between Villaraigosa and the council -- and the threat to shut down services and stop paying employees -- flabbergasted some officials. Councilman Paul Koretz called the mayor's threat "bizarre" and warned that Villaraigosa and the council were engaging in "a crazier and crazier game of chicken."

"It's absolutely a manhood contest. That's what it's been from the very beginning," said Koretz, who represents much of the Westside.

The mayor directed acting City Administrative Officer Ray Ciranna to prepare to shut down parks, libraries and other general fund services starting Monday. Public safety, trash collection and revenue-generating agencies would be exempt

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