Monday, November 25, 2019

Stayed tuned for the December meeting of the Upshur County Public Library board of trustees

Controversy surrounds LGBTQIA+ themed book at Upshur County Public Library.  (WBOY, 11/21/2019)
More issues spread when the board did not discuss “Prince & Knight” during their meeting on Nov. 20.  But, as per the “Open Governmental Meetings Act” of West Virginia: 
“If a citizen or a member of the governing body raises a matter during a meeting which is not on the agenda, the item may not be discussed or voted upon at the meeting. The item instead must be added to the agenda for a meeting to be held in the future.” 
Since the library board’s agenda was already published for the event, they were unable to alter it to include a discussion regarding “Prince & Knight” during that meeting.

 Libraries that own copies of "Prince & Knight" in the South Central Library System.

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