Friday, October 18, 2019

Meet the GOP lemmings of Congress (the Mike Bost edition)

Quoted in Where House members stand on impeaching Trump.  (Washington Post)

Maybe you should read this article, Mike.

The Constitution Says ‘Bribery’ Is Impeachable. What Does That Mean?  (Lawfare, 10/3/2019)
In fact, Trump’s conduct almost certainly satisfies the modern statutory standard for bribery. As Randall Eliason has explained, a quid pro quo “need not be stated in express terms; corrupt actors are seldom so clumsy, and the law may not be evaded through winks and nods.” We have little doubt that a prosecutor would be able to establish a quid pro quo based on what was said on the call and the surrounding facts and context. (As an aside, Trump’s conduct also likely qualifies as extortion. As James Lindgren has explained at length, historically there has been a substantial overlap between the concepts of extortion and bribery, and around the time of the Founding, the terms were often used to describe the same conduct.)

One of Bost's greatest hits: Another version of "One Man, One Woman". 

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