Monday, September 11, 2017

Carole Moore Zimmerman (1936-2017) Warren High School class of 1953

1953 Dragon yearbook

Also in the picture.  In high school, I worked for Jean Mostert's dad, George, who owned Mostert's Bakery.

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Moore L W emp Sylvania rRD1 Russell
  • [county section] Zimmerman Carol C Russell
  • [county section] Zimmerman G Donald Russell
1983 Warren City Director 
  • [county section] Moore Gertrude M rRt1 Bx 1775 Russell
  • [county section] Moore Lyle W rRt1 Bx 1775 Russell
  • [county section] Zimmerman Carole C rRt1 Bx 1777 Russell
  • [county section] Zimmerman Donald rRt1 Bx 1777 Russell

Carol with an 'e' made her debut in 1913, when Carol, without an 'e', had already reached the mid-100s,  Carole peaked at #35 in 1942, the year that actress Carole Lombard died in a plane crash at the age of 33.  She was married to Clark Gable at the time.  Carol peaked at #4 in 1941 and remained in the top 10 for another decade.
Other members of the class of 1953:
Carolyn Webster Coates.  (7/7/2017)
Leroy Sorenson.  (5/25/2017)
Carole Weigel Wunner.  (5/10/2017)
Arthur Wagner.  (1/5/2017)
Robert Harrington.  (12/6/2016)
Beverly Taft Littlefield.  (11/26/2016)
Karolyn Lane Stone.  (11/24/2016)
Roberta Leave Troutman.  (6/8/2016)
Grace Tigani.  (5/20/2016)
Nan Perry Fischer.  (6/18/2015)

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