Friday, September 9, 2016

Heather Weininger teaches us about the use of hyperbole (The Heather Chronicles)

Planned Parenthood is Forcing Taxpayers to Foot their $1.6 Million Bill.   (Wisconsin Right to Life news release, 9/9/2016) someone who should know best explains it.....
This is what happens when Republican legislators pass unconstitutional laws that are designed to restrict women from having the opportunity to exercise their constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy through abortion. In Wisconson, they passed a law written by a radical anti-abortion group, never stopping to consider how much it would cost the taxpayers when the law was found to be unconstitutional. The truth is that those Republican legislators do not care about wasting tax dollars. It is just other people's money they are willing to shell out in their unrelenting effort to advance a primary tenet of their party: misogyny.

Lightning didn't strike twice with Tommy Roe's follow-up to his early 1969 #1 hit, "Dizzy".  (4 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100.)   "Heather Honey" peaked at #29 and spent just 8 weeks on the chart.

Looks as though we'll be saying goodbye to 'Heather' at the end of the year.

Great black comedy.

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