Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dear Ron Johnson, Most of us started at the bottom. It's no big deal.

I worked at Gleason's as a dishwasher during a 6-month stint from April to October 1969, during the end of my freshman year and beginning of my sophomore year at UB.  I earned $1.25 an hour.
(I also got O.J. Simpson's autograph that summer, but that's another story for another time.)

During this 6-month period, I also worked as busboy, fountain boy, ELECTRONIC curb service order taker and carhop tray setter-upper, and, finally, cook.  In my final role, during the extended dinner rushes, I'd slap 24 beef patties on the grill in quick order, and the person to my left set up the buns with shredded lettuce and "secret sauce".  Over and over and over again 'til there was so much grease on my glasses I could barely see.

Vote for me!

My name is Retiring Guy and I approve this message!

Ron Johnson says he started 'from the bottom' in new campaign ad.  (, 6/22/2016)
Not impressed unless you multi-tasked. The dishwashing trope isn't new to Wisconsin politics. Gov. Scott Walker makes frequent mention on the campaign trail and in policy speeches of his first job, washing dishes at the Countryside Restaurant.

Gleason's is long gone, but it's 'space-age' design deserved to be memorialized in this book.

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