Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ron Johnson: The "Mr. Sunshine" of Their Love


Did Scott Walker rip GOP senator? National Review says yes; he says no. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/18/2014)

Spokeswoman and brown-noser.  "Sen. Johnson is quite sure the governor couldn't be referring to him because as (Johnson) travels around the state, people often refer to him as 'Mr. Sunshine,'" said Melinda Whiteman ("Macht") Schnell, spokeswoman for Johnson.

Have you heard anyone refer to Ron Johnson as "Mr. Sunshine"?   (Maybe you'd like to share some of the things you have heard him called?  Or called him yourself.)

Well, we do know he's brought some sunshine into the Koch Brothers' lives.

Ron Johnson: the Kochs' "model legislator".  (The Isthmus, 5/31/2014)

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