Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NRA/ALEC "Docs and Glocks" Law Finally Makes Its Way to Wisconsin

Health groups oppose bill to ban doctors from asking patients about guns. (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/18/2013)

Doctors Caught in Crossfire of Nutty Obama Conspiracy TheoryFrom South Carolina to Montana, legislators are pushing controversial "docs vs. Glocks" laws.  (Mother Jones, 3/20.2013)

After Newtown, Will NRA Still Demand a Ban on Docs Asking Kids about Guns?  (Mother Jones,12/20/2012)

Florida Law Bans Doctors From Asking About Guns. (ABC News, 6/3/2011)

Doctors, groups clash over asking patients about firearms. (USA Today, 5/13/2011)

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Laura Grace Bordeaux said...

Thank you for this! You were top ranked in my search for Guns vs Glocks ALEC...

I followed my all too-familiar path: read about an outrageous law. Go look for the ALEC connection.