Sunday, April 5, 2015

Get me rewrite: Wisconsin lawmakers eye ALEC model legislation to end state's prevailing wage laws

American Legislative Exchange Council model legislation. 

Lawmakers eye end to state's prevailing wage laws.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/29/2015)

Charles and David Koch have issued their marching orders.  
The Assembly sponsor of the legislation, Rep. Rob Hutton, R-Brookfield, said a majority of his GOP colleagues in both houses favor eliminating three state laws requiring payment of prevailing wages in the construction of roads and government buildings. 

Republican lawmakers who control legislatures in Michigan and Indiana are considering similar measures, while Illinois’ newly elected Republican governor, Bruce Rauner, has called for changing that state’s prevailing wage requirement. Laurel Patrick, a spokeswoman for Gov. Scott Walker, said he is considering the issue.

From the conservative MacIver Institute, "the free market voice for Wisconsin"

Bill Smith (starting at 0:42), State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business, has given $100 each to Republicans Tom Tiffany, Scott Walker, and Steve Foti.

Glenn Allgaier (starting at 1:13), Elmbrook School Board member, is a big Republican donor.

Tim Michalak, (staring at 1:34), Hartford City Council President, has given $100 each to Republican neanderthals Glenn Grothman and Don Pridemore.

ALEC goes to Wisconsin:
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