Thursday, November 1, 2018

UPDATE: Remember when Scott Walker, a "person of his word", pledged allegiance to the Koch Brothers' Americans For Prosperity

Well, folks, 10 years later, he's still with them and even has his Attroney General, Brad Schimel, working as the Koch Brothers waterboy.

Wisconsin joined top GOP donor in California court case.  (, 11/1/2018)

3/1/2016 update, "UPDATE:  Scott Walker, a "person of his word", signed a Koch Brothers pledge in 2008", starts here.

And we know that has led to.  A pledge of undying love.

WIGOP pledges allegiance to the ALEC agenda.
The 17 white GOP legislators who "inspired" today's Day Without Latinos rally in Madison (and where they live).  (2/18/2016)
Sheila Harsdorf (R-River Falls) on the issues and working together. (2/11/2016)
 GOP State Sen. Frank Lasee's ALEC bill promotes private water companies' workforce issues.  (1/27/2016)
While Scott Walker blathers about his jobs focus, Wisconsin Republicans continue to push an ALEC agenda.  (1/25/2016)
The big, the bold Scott Walker promises more ALEC model policy plagiarism for Wisconsin.  (11/7/2015)(
Time for another Republican hypocrisy alert! (10/23/2015)
Get me rewrite: Wisconsin lawmakers eye ALEC model legislation to end state's prevailing wage laws.  (4/5/2015) 
Why do Republicans call it 'worker freedom'? Because the Koch Brothers say so.  (3/7/2015) 
Scott Walker: Putting the power of government into the hands of the Koch Brothers.  (2/23/2015)
Since 2008 Scott Walker pledges his allegiance to the Koch Brothers.  (2/21/2015) 
Why drug tests for recipients of public aid in Wisconsin?  Because the Koch Brothers say so.  (2/10/2015)
Rep. Lee Nerison (R-Westby) Does ALEC's "Ag-Gag" Bidding.  (2/9/2015)
Van Wanggaard toes the ALEC line.  (2/7/2015)
Meet Scott Walker's "ideas" men.  (1/29/2015)
The Koch Brothers bring you "The Big and the Bold".  (1/24/2015)
Chris Kapenga, ALEC waterboy, is at it again. (12/11/2014)
UPDATED:  They pledge allegiance to the Koch Brothers.  (11/19/2014)
Of course, Kapenga hasn't drafted a bill; it's already been done for him.  (12/4/2014)
Here's an example of what happens when people don't pay attention.  (10/8/2014)
Speaking of plagiarism: The Kapenga Chronicles   (9/27/2014)
ALEC tools Leah Vukmir and Alberta Darling go off the deep end.  (9/22/2014)
Speaking of plagiarism.  (9/20/2014)
Just what the Wisconsin legislature needs:  Another ALEC disciple.  (8/7/2014)
Meet Chris Kapenga, R-Waterboy, representing the grate state of ALEC.  (2/18/2014)
Sen. Paul Farrow throws a hissy fit (which is transcribed in this news release).  (2/7/2014)
Robin Vos believes in selective transparency of the kind advanced by the American Legislative Exchange Council.  (12/24/2013)
Background on the National Conference of State Legislatures for Leah.  (12/12/2013)
From ALEC to Andre to us: Rep. Jacque (R-DePere) whittles model bill down to the basics.  (9/1/2013)
NRA/ALEC "Docs and Glocks" law finally makes its way to Wisconsin.  (6/18/2013)
Robin Vos, "an ALEC Wisconsin Foot Soldier" (SourceWatch).  (6/13/2013)
ALEC'd to Death: Wisconsin Republicans Continues to Depend on the Koch Brothers' Playbook. (6/7/2013)
ALEC's State Budget Reform Toolkit: "Asset Sale and Lease Opportunities".  (6/6/2013)
Selling State Properties? It's in the ALEC Playbook.  (5/22/2013)
More cookie-cutter legislation from ALEC.  (4/7/2013)
What the Koch Brothers left under Scott Walker's 2010 Christmas tree.  (6/19/2012)

First revised edition, "They pledge allegiance to the Koch Brothers", published on 11/19/2014.

 Originally published on July 3, 2013.
Scott Walker among signers of Koch-backed 'No Climate Tax Pledge'. (Capital Times, 7/2/2013)

Old news, really.  He signed it on July 26, 2008 -- along with Sen. Leah Vukmir, Rep. Al Ott, and Rep. Bill Kramer.

In addition to Sen. Ron Johnson, Gov. Scott Walker, and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, the following Wisconsin elected officials have signed the pledge.

Signed pledge cards for all of the above Koch Brothers grovelers are found at Americans for Prosperity.

Note:  Glenn Grothman was recently elected to the U.S. House of Representative.  Don Pridemore did not run for re-election.  Bill Kramer resigned his position in disgrace earlier this year.

Mary Lazich was recently elected President of the State Senate.

And who is Annie Patnaude?  

She's the Deputy State Director of Americans for Prosperity-Michigan.

Revised/updated on 11/19/2014.

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