Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Echoes in the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Spin

Scott Walker calls for special meeting of WEDC board following scathing audit. (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/6/2013)

First of all, in paragraph 2, we have an instructive use of the technique of "bridging", and I'm not sure whether to credit Mary Spicuzza or Scott Walker for this evasion of the topic introduced in the opening paragraph,

As defined in "The SUV Idea" (Library Journal, 11/15/2003), bridging allows you to take a question that is off the point you are trying to make and turn it back to your agenda -- in Walker's case, from the WEDC embarrassment to the UW reserves smokescreen.

I suspect we'll hear further echoes after WEDC's "emergency" meeting.

Vocabulary lesson:  Merriam-Webster defines "proactive" as acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes.

To me, Tom, this means WEDC would have
  • developed policies to administer its grant and loan programs effectively
  • established all required statutory policies
  • performed the analysis necessary to determine if an applicant’s proposed project was eligible for a grant or loan.
  • submitted contractually required progress reports
  • complied with the state statutes
And everything else that the audit found lacking in WEDC's operations.

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