Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weather History is Made in the Northeast

As a result of yesterday nor'easter, I'm sure the "global warming" deniers have already come out of the woodwork for their latest round of seasonal braying.

Hartford Courant, 10/30/2011

...the storm has already caused more damage and power outages in some towns than Irene.

The storm was historic in several ways. With 12.3 inches falling at Bradley, it was the largest snowstorm in Greater Hartford history in October — dwarfing any previous storm in the region.

Rewind to the summer -- the New Haven Register, 7/23/2011.

On Friday, the mercury in Newark, N.J., reached 108, the highest temperature ever recorded there. Reading, Pa., topped out at 106 degrees. Airports near Washington and Baltimore hit 105. Philadelphia reached 103, Boston 103, Portland, Maine, and Concord, N.H., 101; and Providence, R.I., 100. New York City hit 104 degrees, just 2 short of its all-time high, and with the oppressive humidity, it felt like 113.

Such extreme events.  What does this remind you of?

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