Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Generation Dial Phone Begets Generation Mobile

How Cellphones Shape the Lives of College Students. (Mashable, 10/31/2011)

OK, I'm not THAT old, but you could say that I am from Generation Dial Phone.  Until high school, I grew up in a one-phone household.  When I was in college, I always thought twice about making a long-distance phone call and made sure to contact family or friends during the evenings, when rates were significantly lower.  Throughout my college years, I called my parents no more than once or twice a month.  I'd usually wait for them to call me.

My older son Andy, an enthusiastic member of Generation Mobile, calls me two or three times a week, usually as he walks back to his apartment after his last class of the day.  This semester he usually has very good news to share.

"I got a 33 out of 34 on my International Business exam," he proudly reported the other day.

From here our conversation drifted to sports -- yeah, you guessed it, the Badgers' cover-your-eyes collapse, although we quickly moved on to a preview of the basketball season.

A few minutes after we ended our conversation, I received the following text message.

Jordan Taylor is a preseason first team all-america selection

A piece o' the infographic.

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