Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Beaty Junior High School: No Longer "Just Above the Dam"

No, the school hasn't moved.  And it's now called Beaty-Warren Middle School.

I don't know if Beaty still has the same alma mater, but the one that we sang way back when started out....

On the banks of the Conewango,
Just above the dam.

Well, the dam was removed in 2009, and it certainly has changed the look of the creek.

Before the dam was removed.  (Photo taken from the Pennsylvania Avenue bridge in October 2008.)

Not from the exact same angle, but you definitely see more "bottom" 5 years later. (September 2013)

The Water Street perspective:  "On the banks of the Conewango, just above the dam." (October 2008)

"On the banks of the Conewango," just above where the dam used to be.  (Photo taken in September 2013)

When it happened: 
Coming out:  Removal of low-head Conewango Creek dam to start Monday.  (Warren Times Observer, 9/11/2009)
Clam saves dam....again.  (Dunkirk Observer, 9/15/2009)
Conewango dam reduced to rubble.  (Warren Times Observer, 9/26/2009)

And, of course, there's the obligatory YouTube video.

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