Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fond du Lac County Packing Its Library Bags?

Link to December 1 Ripon Press article, "Library forced to consider leaving Winnefox".

Excerpt: A dilemma facing Fond du Lac’s library is having a downstream effect on Ripon — and could end up costing this city’s library more, or cause it to leave the Winnefox Library System (WLS).

Fond du Lac Public Library is considering leaving the WLS, which includes 30 area libraries and one satellite library location in Rosendale.

According to Ripon’s head librarian Desiree Bongers, cost is the major factor in the decision.
“Fond du Lac is having issues with the fees they pay into Winnefox for the automated system,” she said.

As the largest library in the county, it’s caused other county libraries — including Ripon Public Library — to consider how to move forward.

“Ripon is very concerned about the situation and what any changes might mean for service to our patrons,” Bongers said. “We have been satisfied with Winnefox and it is regarded as one of the best library systems in the state ...

“[But regardless] what their decision is, we are now investigating other systems.”

The problem is, if Fond du Lac leaves Winnefox, changes will have to follow for WLS

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