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Brown County: A Half-Century of Growth in Library Use

Part 5 of a county-by-county overview.

Brown County
Population and Circulation, 1960-2009

Brown County, 1960-2009

History timeline

Opened in 1977.

1938.  Denmark library service initiated in local bank
1999.  Denmark Branch Library moves to the newly-built Denmark High School at 450 N. Wall Street to form combined school/public library.

1941.  North Branch Library constructed at 617 N. Irwin Avenue.
1968.  Consolidated with the Kellogg Public Library and its other branches.
1982.  North Branch Library closes. Branch relocates and opens at 2255 Main St., Green Bay as the East Branch Library

1896.  De Pere Public Library established.
1939.  De Pere Public Library building constructed at 380 Main Street.  (Closed in 2003.)
1968.  Consolidated with the Kellogg Public Library and its other branches.
2003.  Kress Family Branch Library constructed at 333 N. Broadway, De Pere.

1968.  Pulaski Branch Library established in Pulaski High School.
1970.  Pulaski Branch Library moves to 223 S. St. Augustine St.
1989.  Pulaski Branch Library relocates to 222 W. Pulaski St.

1958.  Southwest Branch Library constructed at 974 9th St., Green Bay.

1926.  City of Green Bay bought the Fisk House from a grandson of the family, and all west-side library operations were transferred there; it was known as the Fort Howard Branch. In the 1930s, the Monday Shakespeare Group began a formal Shakespeare garden (still in existence) next to the building and planted only those flowers and shrubs that grew in Shakespeare's in England and particularly in his garden at Stratford-Upon-Avon.  (Thanks to Louanne Crowder for filling out the history of this location.)
1975.  Howard Branch Library opened in Village Hall, moved to 2637 Tulip Lane
2000.  Howard Branch Library closes. Weyers-Hilliard Branch Library constructed at 2680 Riverview Drive, Howard.

1964.  Wrightstown Branch Library collection initiated in high school.
1971.  Wrightstown Branch Library moves to Village Hall at 529 Main St.
2004.  Wrightstown Branch Library relocates to 615 Main St.
2007.  Wrightstown Branch Library expands to double its size.

Brown County is located in the Nicolet Federated Library System.

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Anonymous said...

Paul -
The Howard Branch was formerly the Fort Howard Branch (in the city of Green Bay--right across the Fox River from the Central Library). That branch closed when we opened the Howard Branch in 1975. The historic building that was the Fort Howard Branch is now for sale, if you're looking for a large home with a beautiful Shakespeare garden.
--Louanne Crowder (now Branch Supervisor of the Weyers-Hilliard Branch Library)