Sunday, September 26, 2021

Von Maur West Towne Mall construction project (September site visit)

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

August 6 update starts here

Photo and videos by Retiring Guy

Mall access road drive-by

Parking lot drive-by

5/14/2021 update starts here

Screenshot from Retiring Guy's video below

4/22/2021 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy


3/4/2021 update starts here

Photo and video by Retiring Guy

1/23/2021 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

The long view


1/13/2021 update starts her

Photo and video by Retiring Guy

1/10/2021 update starts here

Photos by Retiring Guy


12/21/2020 update, "The sun is shining again on the West Towne Von Maur project", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Tennessee-based CBL Properties, owner of the mall, said Wednesday that the demolition of a two story, 144,000-square-foot building, which for years was home to a Boston Store, will resume later this month to make way for the construction of a one-story, 85,000-square-foot Von Maur store.
Demolition work had started earlier this year but was halted due to COVID-19. In November, CBL filed for bankruptcy protection so it could recapitalize and restructure parts of its debt
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11/16/2020 update starts here

Fall of 2022.  Promise or aspiration?

Photo by Retiring Guy

7/1/2020 update starts here

Hard to say what's going on inside the shell of the former Boston Store

Photo by Retiring Guy

West Towne Mall remains cautiously optimistic

5/10/2020 update starts here

The project appears to be on hold.

Photos by Retiring Guy

3/26/2020 update starts here

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

Original 10/4/2019 post, "Von Maur to the rescue at West Towne Mall", starts here.

The project would raze the 144,600 square foot, two story building and replace it with an 85,000 square foot single story structure. Construction is scheduled to begin next summer with the store opening in fall 2021 with 120 employees.

February 2018

July 2018

September 2018

May 2019 (Canstruction background)

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