Thursday, June 27, 2019

Around Town Middleton: "ROAD WORK AHEAD" trumps "DRIVE LIKE YOUR KIDS LIVE HERE" on Park Street

Photo by Retiring Guy

From Tiger Droppings O-T Lounge:

I'm thinking of buying a couple of these to put in my yard along the roadway soon. What are the OT's thoughts on these signs? Would I be being an arse to do this or would I be justified?

Some of the responses:
  • Trashy.
  • Go buy a house on a less busy street.
  • Better than the signs about slow children in the area.
  • Spike strip them.
  • You admitted to there being a problem with people driving down the road, and continue to let your child play in the front yard. If something happens, that's on you.
  • There's a house in my neighborhood that has those. Seems like a douche move but whatever floats your boat.
People are so helpful.

Two-pack of mostly obscured sign is available from Amazon starting at $23.98.

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