Thursday, October 20, 2016

Well, Glenn Grothman, looks as though Donald Trump and Paul Ryan won't accompany Mr. Gumpy on his outing

Quoted in Rep. Glenn Grothman: Trump, Ryan Having 'Little Squabbles'.  (Wisconsin Public Library, 10/19/2016)

From goodreads:
Mr. Gumpy, who lives by a river, takes his boat for a pleasure trip. Seeing him departing, two children ask to come along, and he responds mild-manneredly, "Yes, if you don't squabble." Then a rabbit requests a ride, which is granted on the condition that he not hop about; and a cat, dog, pig, sheep, chickens, calf and goat join the party, all agreeing to good behavior. But when they all forget themselves, the boat overturns, and everyone drips back to Mr. Gumpy's house for tea.

My older son loved this book.  I read it to him dozens of times when he was a preschooler.

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