Friday, April 29, 2011

Detroit Public Library's Rainy Day Fund Keeps Fewer Branches from Closing

Detroit library may close fewer branches. (Detroit News, 4/29/2011)

Excerpt:   The Detroit Public Library may close only 10 neighborhood branches this summer, instead of the up to 18 originally proposed.

But it comes at a cost. The system will have to use more of its savings to limit the closures.

On Thursday, commissioners said they'd rather spend more of the system's $16 million rainy day fund than take the drastic step of closing most of the library's 23 neighborhood branches.

"It is unacceptable," said Russ Bellant, a library commissioner said. "It's just too much at once."

But library administrators at the meeting recommended 15 closures, saying it was necessary to correct the system's financial problems. The library has an $11 million shortfall this year and is anticipating property tax revenue will drop 20 percent a year until at least 2015

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