Saturday, February 5, 2011

Detroit Public Library Budget Woes

Detroit libraries face cash crisis.  (Detroit News, 2/1/2011)

Among "all options" being considered:
  • Close some branches
  • Lay off 20% of staff
  • Cut pay of remaining staff by 10%  (Union employees received a 6% increase in 2010.)
Excerpt: And the cuts could come as the main library and its 23 branches newfound popularity — caused in part by the sour economy, Funchess said. Visits have increased about 20 percent since 2007 to 4.9 million.

The potential cuts are bad news to Chris Powers, a self-described "library person" who visited the Parkman Branch on Oakman on Monday.

"This is the only access some people have to computers," said Powers. "It's a good resource.

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