Thursday, December 2, 2010

Readers Rate a Book's Content on Violence, Sexual Content, Profanity, and Mature Themes @ 'Squeaky Clean Reads'

Yeah, kid, I feel the same way.

Link to Library Lynx column, "Keeping Things Squeaky Clean" by Poynette Area Library Directgor Kris Daugherty in the December 1 Poynette Press.

Excerpt: Have you ever wished that there was a rating system for books, similar to what is in place for movies? Well, someone has.

A nifty website called Squeaky Clean Reads can be found, appropriately enough, at This website allows readers to rate the content of a book according to violence, sexual content, profanity and mature theme. It also gives the age group that the reviewers feel the book would be most appropriate for as well as whether or not it's a clean read, if it would be a good choice for a book club, its overall rating and a content review. You may use this website to give your opinion about books you've read or to read others' opinions.

Squeaky Clean Reads divides their booklists into the following genres: best sellers, young adult, classics, required high school reading, young teen, Newbery awards, book club, nonfiction and most viewed. In addition, they have their small lists: our favorites, suspense, fantasy and Oprah's Book Club. They have another category for Cultural Reads that showcases African American, Middle Eastern and Asian books

Based on a cursory search, I'd say the site need more content and more input.

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