Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Believing in the Importance of Education and Libraries, Part 1

Link to December 1 Boston Globe article, "Mother places priority on son, but finance suffer".

Excerpt: Among the thousands of letters Globe Santa receives each year from parents or guardians seeking help in providing their children with Christmas gifts are those from single mothers who are struggling against overwhelming conditions but want to make sure their children are able to enjoy the holiday in the same manner as those in more fortunate families.

One such letter received this year was from a single mother who wrote not only seeking help but also to tell of the bond that she has worked to develop with her son


The young woman from a community south of Boston said that she and her 8-year-old son spend most nights eating together and doing his homework. The boy has never known his father, whom she said she cannot locate, but that has not stopped the child from being everything a mother could wish for.

“He is full of life, likes to play with his plastic army men, and enjoys going to the library,’’ she wrote. “He is a great reader and loves to learn
.’’  [Emphasis added.]

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