Friday, September 17, 2010

Fond du Lac Library Director Ken Hall Named a 'Friend of Education'

(Why didn't I take a picture of Ken with his plaque while I had the chance?)

Link to September Fond du Lac Reporter article, "Library director chosen as Friend of Education"

Excerpt: Hall was lauded for his efforts in addressing the needs of displaced workers in the Fond du Lac area. According to the DPI, "Through the services of two VISTA volunteers, who recruited community members to staff the Opportunity Center at the library, more than 650 job seekers had help to improve their computer skills, write résumés and cover letters, search online for work, and research jobs and companies."

"We saw a need in our community," Hall said. "There were and still are many job seekers who lacked basic computer skills, skills that are prerequisite for nearly every opening today. We had the facilities, and the VISTA workers provided the know-how.

"I am extremely grateful to Josh Cowles and Sara Byrnes, the VISTA volunteers who got the Opportunity Center off the ground," Hall said. "They did an outstanding job and created an extremely valuable service to the community at a critical time. Their work was groundbreaking and innovative, and this recognition is due largely to their efforts.

From the DPI news release.

Congratulations to Ken, Josh, and Sara!

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