Friday, September 17, 2010

Wisconsin's Shared Revenue Funding Unchanged for 2011

With some slight variations.

Link to September 17 Green Bay Press-Gazette article, "Wisconsin cities, counties to see relief from state shared revenue funding".

Excerpt: Taxpayers in cities and counties throughout Wisconsin are getting a break from an unlikely source: state officials who are wrestling with their own financial problems.

Some recipients, in fact, will enjoy slight increases in state funding, which will help offset the need to boost local property taxes in 2011.

"The word relief comes to mind," said Ellen Sorensen, director of administration for Brown County, which will see its shared revenue funding hold steady at $4.3 million.

The good news from Madison comes as cities, towns, villages and counties are putting together their 2011 budgets and, in some cases, making tough decisions about whether to increase local property taxes or cut services

See Wisconsin Department of Revenue website for more information on shared revenues.

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