Monday, October 8, 2018

The opinionator: Margot Cleveland ballyhoos the latest GOP midterm elections meme

Pushing the fallacy that the Kavanaugh confirmation is going to benefit the GOP.

Photo creditUniversity of Notre Dame

A writer for the New York Times has also swallowed this hooey.

His evidence?
"Oh, this is the big one!"  Voter after voter brought up the polarizing Supreme Court battle to the two candidates as they made their way around the lefse and other Norwegian delicacies; the comments reflected the country’s divide, with Republicans thanking Mr. Cramer for standing by Justice Kavanaugh and Democrats offering hugs to Ms. Heitkamp to show their appreciation for her opposition.  (Court Battle Shifts the Political Terrain for Senators in the HeartlandThe New York Times, 10/7/2018)
Yup, that's it. 

Meanwhile, in the big-picture world....

“More than ever in my 26-year career on Wall Street, donors are willing to look way beyond concerns of overregulation from Democrats,” said Mr. Myers, a longtime Democratic fund-raiser. They just want to elect “Democrats to serve as a check” on President Trump.

Original 10/4/2018 post, "Conservative ideologues to the rescue of Brett Kavanaugh", starts here.

USA Today describes Margot as a lawyer and an adjunct instructor at the University of Notre Dame.  (Another kind of Mendoza.)

What they missed.  Cleveland is a freelance writer, covering business and legal issues as a Senior Contributor for The (conservative) Federalist and as a Contributor to (the conservative grandaddy) National Review Online and the (conservative) Washington Examiner.  (Keyword:  freelance.  "Please help.  Send $$$.)

And here she is yammering home manufactured talking points on Twitter.

How professorial!

It's all shtick.  (That would be sense 1.)

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