Thursday, November 15, 2018

8Twenty Park construction UPDATE: The final shots

Photos by Retiring Guy

1 bedroom, 1 bath (WHEDA)

8/30/2018 update, "Now leasing!" starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

6/5/2018 update, "A walk around the block", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

3 bedrooms/2 bath, 1264 square feet, $979-1200 (affordable housing)

4/25/2018 update, "South Park approach from the south", starts here.

A Texaco gas station of a similar design used to be located at 1118 South Park.

3/15/2018 update with floor plan starts here.

From across South Park
Photos by Retiring Guy

On  Haywood, between South Park and South Brooks.

2/12/2018 update starts here.

On  Haywood, between South Park and South Brooks.

View from Delaplaine Court side of St. Mary's Hospital

From across South Park

1/4/2018 update, "8Twenty Park construction UPDATE:  Building is now at its full height", starts here. On  Haywood, between South Park and South Brooks.

South Brooks between Delaplane and Haywood in the Bay Creek neighborhood of Madison.

Cozy Dutch Colonial at corner of Haywood and South Brooks.
Very similar to this home featured in Keith's Beautiful Homes Magazine 100 years ago.

11/8/2017 update, "Hey, folks, we're bulking up here", starts here.

Near the intersection of South Park Street and Haywood Drive

View from Delaplaine Court side of St. Mary's Hospital

All photos by Retiring Guy

Panorama view from Haywood

On South Brooks, a bit south of Haywood

9/22/2017 update, "Framing progresses to second story", starts here.

View from Delaplaine Court side of St. Mary's Hospital.

View from Haywood Drive near Famous Dave's.

Photos by Retiring Guy

8/13/2017 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Rendering found at JT Klein  (Delaplaine Court looking toward South Park.

7/6/2017 update starts here.

A phased-in approach.

Original 5/20/2017 post, 'The 8Twenty Park neighborhood", starts here.

Tweeted from the Dane County Housing Summit, which focused on the critical need for affordable housing in close proximity to where people work, something very much lacking in Dane County.  (Watch the entire event here.)

At which point I googled the appropriate search terms and found this article: 

Growing pains: As Madison adds housing, neighbors fear zoning and established plans aren't being honored. (Capital Times, 12/9/2015)
Land-use plans as a red herring.  “We are not opposed to development,” said Rothburd, who lives a few blocks away from 8Twenty Park [an affordable housing development]. “We are opposed to rezoning at the expense of our stable communities. We are opposed to having those developments along the corridor take bites out of the neighborhood. And that’s what 820 Park Street is going to do to Greenbush.”

The construction site for 8Twenty Park is in the foreground.  The sprawling St. Mary's Hospital complex is in the distance.  (Photo taken from base of orange arrow; see map below.)

Another view of St. Mary's from the intersection of Haywood Drive and High Street.  The entrance to the UW Arboretum is two blocks to the left.  (red arrow)

There's a significant amount of multi-unit housing in this neighborhood.  (yellow arrow)

View of excavation and foundation walls, with St. Mary's at right.  (Green arrow; cloud cover moved in very quickly.)

Rendering of finished product.

Source:  JTKlein

St. Mary's Hospital is the 12th largest employer in the Madison area.

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