Friday, November 30, 2012

Governor Walker: Memo to Alberta Darling and John Nygren (Wisconsin 2013-15 Biennial Budget)

Governor hears ideas from La Crosse foundry workers. (La Crosse Tribune, 11/30/2012)

Here's the step of the state budget process to which Walker is referring.  (Graphic from the Wisconsin Budget Project.)

The Joint Committee on Finance -- the names are changing, of course -- held 4 hearing in 2011:  Stevens Point (April 7), Minong (Washburn County, April 8), West Allis (April 11), Arcadia (Trempealeau County, April 13).

According to the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau, (Wisconsin Legislative Spotlight/The Week of November 26, 2012), on Tuesday, November 20, the Department of Administration (DOA) submitted the state agency requests and revenue estimates for the 2013-15 state budget to the Governor's office.

Governor Walker is likely to introduce his budget for the 2013-15 biennium sometime after WLA/WEMTA's annual Library Legislative Day on Tuesday, February 5,  2013.

In 2011, Walker introduced a budget repair bill on February 11 and his 2011-13 biennial budget on March 1.

The 2011 budget repair bill was a one-time fix to, as Walker announced, balance the budget and lay the foundation for a long-term sustainable budget.  Based on his subsequent statements, I think it's safe to assume to the Governor feels the necessary repairs have been made.  Expect only one budget introduction in 2013.

Governor Walker discusses his top 5 budget priorities.

"Transforming Education" gets the biggest chunk of time:  1:54 to 3:04 (of a 3:43 video).

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