Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awaiting the Job Announcement for a New Director @ the Salt Lake City Public Library

Elder checks out.  (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/31/2011)

ExcerptYou can tell a lot about what’s wrong with any organization by reading the want ad for a new boss. Whatever qualifications are stressed in that posting are likely the characteristics that were found to be the most wanting in the previous incumbent. \

The search for a new director for the Salt Lake City Library system should include a plea for someone who can lead, rather than command, and earn, rather than demand, the respect and the necessary buy-in from the library’s staff, volunteers and supporters. 

A lack of such abilities was, from all accounts, the downfall of the library’s last director, Beth Elder. She resigned Friday, effective immediately, after months of friction with staff members, some members of the Library Board and, most troubling, the Friends of the Library.  

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