Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Employee Engagement" Poll @ the Salt Lake City Public Library

Survey shows pride in SLC library, distrust in director. (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/18/2011)

Excerpt: Commissioned by Salt Lake City Library officials to gauge employee morale and trust in management, a new survey reveals high levels of job satisfaction but little faith in Director Beth Elder.

On a scale of 1 to 7, overall pride in working for the library scored a 5.7. Nearly three-quarters of employee respondents said they know and understand the library’s strategy and mission. Satisfaction with benefits notched a 5.9. And staffers, weighing in with a 5, deem the library a good place to work.

The "employee engagement" poll, conducted by Riverton-based Lighthouse Research, queried 87 percent of library employees and carried a 3.4 percent margin of error.

"The results tell a story about the Salt Lake City Library of today," Elder said in a statement. "We want to build on the positive attributes of our organization, and this survey has helped us identify where we can improve as we become the library our community will need tomorrow."

On average, librarians gave a 5.7 rating to their overall satisfaction with their supervisors. And employees gave a 5.8 to whether their immediate supervisor encourages open and honest communication.

The results on Elder and her "Executive Leadership Team" paint a darker portrait. Employees gave them a 2.6 on open and honest communication, along with a 3 on caring about staff and volunteers
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