Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hush Money (Alleged) @ the Salt Lake City Public Library

Salt Lake City Library investigates ‘hush’ money allegation. (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/19/2011)

ExcerptWatson, the past Library Employees Organization president, who represented about 250 workers, says he quit in July after losing all faith in Elder’s leadership. He also fingers Library Board members for “covering their eyes and plugging their ears” over the mismanagement.

“Every time any type of incongruity comes up between Beth’s decisions and policies and library procedures, they’ve had meetings quietly with her to figure out how they can change the rules,” Watson says. “And then they reveal it publicly later. I have no idea why the mayor and City Council are so adamantly behind her.”

The Mayor’s Office says it was surprised by the gag allegation and latest library unrest and first heard about it from a news report

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